The Best Reason Ever for Men to Drink Coffee

InterviewMagazine wrote that there has been considerable debate over whether caffeine is good for us. Many of us probably don’t care because we just consider we can’t get through our day without it anyway. It certainly does have the benefit of jump starting our brain to get our day started, and that makes it an indispensable commodity for millions of us. As far as our health, caffeine is probably like many things that is covered by the idea that as long as you drink it in moderation, it isn’t going to hurt you. There is actually a new study out about it that men everywhere may want to pay particular attention to.

A study has just come out that proclaims that men who drink two to three cups of coffee a day are approximately 40 percent less likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction(ED). Among its many effects on the body, caffeine increases penile blood flow, which is what is credited by some for the results of this study. The researchers also found that while caffeine even helped reduce the incidence of ED among those who were obese and hypertensive, it did not help those with diabetes. Men who wish to avoid ED should have a couple cups of coffee a day, and make sure they keep their blood sugar under control as diabetes is the single largest risk factor for this problem.

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