KFC Has a New Colonel to Add to Its Ranks

Colonel Sanders has returned and in the form of Darrell Hammond. This is the start of a new series of ad campaigns which will feature Colonel Sanders. As per this article, Darrell Hammond has portrayed a number of people including Jay Leno, Bill Clinton and Donald Trump during his time on Saturday Night Live. He is sure to bring a refreshing air of energy to the company and urge customers to try some KFC. Darrell Hammond claims to be getting paid in chickens; a tasty reward for sure and a good way to appeal to KFC by knowing and showing how flavorful KFC can be.

Darrell Hammond impersonates Colonel Sanders so well you wouldn’t be able to tell that it was actually Darrell underneath that getup. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital certainly didn’t notice, even when featured in the NY Post. Hopefully this new gig will work out for Darrell as he is the new face of KFC; quite literally. But, it seems the company has full faith in the abilities of Darrell Hammond. They even stated that he is the greatest impersonator of the century; big shoes to fill in for Darrell but surely he can surprise us all with his endeavors. It can’t be that difficult to pretend to be the founder and icon of KFC right? Only time will tell.

Be sure to watch the new commercials starting the new colonel that are already airing to get a good glimpse of the Saturday Night Live star!

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