DH to the National League?

The most notable difference between the American League and National League in baseball is the designated hitter position. In the NL, pitchers bat while in the AL, there is a designated hitter, where his position is basically just to hit a handful of times a game. DL enthusiasts say the DH takes managing out of the game as the manager needs to know when to move the pitcher out for a pinch hitter before being replaced with a new pitcher while AL fans suggest having a pitcher bat is an automatic out and makes for inferior baseball.

No matter what side anyone is on (usually it just depends on what team a fan likes), the injuries do not lie regarding pitchers batting. A considerable amount of money is wrapped up high-end pitchers, so one going down for the season while batting is cause for concern. Recently, Adam Wainwright tore his achilles tendon while running out of the batters box and, thanks to the injury, he is going to miss the remainder of the seaso0n, leaving fans like Ivan Ong wondering what happens next. Since 2013, Adam has the most wins of any professional pitcher. Then, a few days later, Max Scherzer injured himself, and while he will not miss any serious time (perhaps just a pushed back start), with injuries mounting to high-end pitchers, is it just a matter of time before the DH comes to the NL? The pitchers most likely won’t mind.

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