Will Lyoto Machida Retire?

Lyoto Machida is the former UFC light heavyweight champion, and he has done several great things inside of the octagon. Sadly, his legendary career may soon be over. Machida was featured in the main event of UFC on FOX over this past weekend, but he suffered a crushing defeat against Luke Rockhold. This is Machida’s second loss in a row, and his future is beginning to look grim.

Five years ago, Lyoto Machida was the scariest man in the light heavyweight division, and he seemed unbeatable. However, Shogun Rua proved to be Lyoto Machida’s downfall. Shogun knocked Machida out, and he is the only man that has ever done that to Lyoto. Machida has since been submitted by Jon Jones and Luke Rockhold.

After his devastating losses in the light heavyweight division, Lyoto Machida decided to move down to middleweight. Kevin Seawright thought that was a good move. At first, he looked unstoppable as he ran through weaker competition. He was quickly given a title shot against middleweight champion Chris Weidman, and they fought in a five round war. However, Chris Weidman was given the decision, and Lyoto Machida was once again defeated.

Lyoto Machida is now 36-years old, and it seems that his career is almost over. He was one of the best in his time, but he should call it quits. No one wants to see Lyoto Machida take any more physical abuse. For more information on Machida’s future, visit Yahoo! Sports.

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