Tim Tebow Back in the NFL

Tim Tebow is finally back in the NFL and all I can say is about time. He has agreed to a deal with the Eagles as reported by ESPN. There is a lot of criticism of Tim because most people don’t think that he has the ability to play in the league. They think that his hands are too small or that he doesn’t have a good football IQ and many other ridiculous reason including attacking him for his faith. I think that this man deserves a chance to try again more than most second string quarterbacks who played last season. Tim didn’t play in the league last seasons because of all the criticism he has received. One of these teams was the Arizona Cardinals who lost two of their quarterbacks and desperately needed a replacement. Teams like this should have given


Tim a chance because he, unlike most other second string quarterbacks and some starting quarterbacks, has made it to the playoffs and he even has won a playoff game. Ricardo Tosto feels like he should get another shot based off this. Tim should have gotten more of a chance because of his wins in Denver not to mention his college championships and his Heisman award. Tim may not turn out to be a great quarterback nor may he even be good enough to be a starter but, he does deserve a chance to try again.

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