Boat Carrying Migrants Capsizes in the Mediterranean Sea. Hundreds Feared Dead

A boat carrying hundreds of migrants from North Africa capsized from the weight of the overload number of passengers sending all aboard into the water. Hundreds are feared drowned and some estimate that the number of the dead could reach well over 1500 souls. The migrants were from a number of North Africa countries such as Libya and Egypt and were attempting to access Countries in southern Europe. Flavio Maluf has called the event unfortunate. Officials do not know which country the migrants were bound for and if they had a plan of access once they reached the shores of southern Europe. Boat Accident Kills Scores Off Libya Coast

The incident happen off the coast of Libya but most of the first responders came from a coalition of European countries including Spain, Italy and Greece. European officials were shocked at the number of bodies that they are still pulling from the water and a combined search effort is still under way. The number of survivors is not known but some survivors report that the boat swayed first and then simply turned over without any notice. There were very few life rescue equipment on the boat and everyone had to fend for themselves.

Officials representing the European Union are meeting today in an emergency session to address the crisis off the coast if Libya as well as the continued issue of streams of migrants from North Africa. The European Union pledged to provide more rescue services and aid to the victims of the boat accident.

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