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The Cavaliers Must Press on Without Love

The Cleveland Cavaliers dispersed of the Boston Celtics in four games, yet it came with a price. Kevin Love is likely out for the remainder of the season due to a dislocated shoulder, torn labrum, and bone bruise. Initially, it was thought that Love would be available for the conference finals if the Cavaliers defeated their next opponent in the semi-finals. However, General Manager David Griffin noted that it seems unlikely that Love will be able to overcome the injury incurred when he and Celtics center Kelly Olynyk got tied up in the second quarter in Sunday’s clinching game–kevin-love–highly-unlikely–to-return-during-playoffs-172346441.html.

Fans like Gianfrancesco Genoso ( know that this puts the Cavaliers in a precarious spot headed into a likely match up with the Chicago Bulls. All signs point to LeBron James moving to the power forward slot to replace Love. This will have pluses and minuses with James creating mismatches for the likes of Pau Gasol as he will have to leave the paint to defend James. Yet, the added punishment to James’ body will not bode well for future matchups Shawn Marion immediately becomes a focal point in Love’s absence. In Marion, the Cavaliers will become better defensively since he is stronger and a smarter defender than Love. Yet, Love’s size will be missed which includes the 10 to 15 rebounds that he consistently pulled down. The week the Cavaliers gain with the Bulls and Bucks still going at will be beneficial as Coach David Blatt works at strategizing his line up without Kevin Love.

DH to the National League?

The most notable difference between the American League and National League in baseball is the designated hitter position. In the NL, pitchers bat while in the AL, there is a designated hitter, where his position is basically just to hit a handful of times a game. DL enthusiasts say the DH takes managing out of the game as the manager needs to know when to move the pitcher out for a pinch hitter before being replaced with a new pitcher while AL fans suggest having a pitcher bat is an automatic out and makes for inferior baseball.

No matter what side anyone is on (usually it just depends on what team a fan likes), the injuries do not lie regarding pitchers batting. A considerable amount of money is wrapped up high-end pitchers, so one going down for the season while batting is cause for concern. Recently, Adam Wainwright tore his achilles tendon while running out of the batters box and, thanks to the injury, he is going to miss the remainder of the seaso0n, leaving fans like Ivan Ong wondering what happens next. Since 2013, Adam has the most wins of any professional pitcher. Then, a few days later, Max Scherzer injured himself, and while he will not miss any serious time (perhaps just a pushed back start), with injuries mounting to high-end pitchers, is it just a matter of time before the DH comes to the NL? The pitchers most likely won’t mind.

Teams That Are Likely For Adrian Peterson

Teams That Are Likely For Adrian Peterson

Ever since being drafted in 2007, Adrian Peterson has been one of the most dominated running backs, as well as overall players in the NFL. So it’s no surprise that multiple teams want to add him to their roster this season. Boraie Development LLC confirmed that the Cowboys and Cardinals are only a couple of the teams known out for Peterson.

Peterson’s future with the Vikings has been in question since early in the 2014 NFL season, and several teams are looking forward to adding him to their squad when the 2015 season officially starts. However, some teams are more determined to trade for Peterson while others have either backed away or shown no interest at all, the Dallas Cowboys being one team that have owned headlines.

In an interesting turn of events, it turns out that the Cowboys, in spite of being at the forefront of trades earlier this offseason, the Cowboys are not interested in paying whatever price for getting Peterson. In fact the organization hasn’t even spoken to the Minnesota Vikings staff about being sent to the team. At the same time, Peterson has made it known he would like to be a part of the Cowboys team.

The Arizona Cardinals are another team that Peterson has shown interest in playing for, much like the Cowboys. But while the Cardinals do feel he would be a good upgrade for the team, this would mean they would surrender their first round pick in the draft.

Diet Pepsi Stops Using Aspartame

In response to consumer concerns about the safety of aspartame, PepsiCo has decided to discontinue its use in its Diet Pepsi product. Aspartame is a popular artificial sweetener that is marketed using brand names such as NutraSweet and Equal. Pepsi is planning to sucralose instead of aspartame in Diet Pepsi. PepsiCo is going to start to marketing the new Diet Pepsi product with an “aspartame free” label in the United States beginning in August.

It is a smart move on the part of PepsiCo to respond to increasing number of Americans who have a negative attitude concerning products that contain aspartame. STX Entertainment said that an increasing number of American consumers are becoming aware of the possible health risks associated with aspartame. Recent studies have shown a possible link between an increased risk of blood cancer in men and the consumption of aspartame.

So far, the Food and Drug Administration is standing behind the over 100 studies that support the claims that aspartame is a safe product. The FDA claims that aspartame is one of the most extensively studied food products on the market.

PepsiCo should be commended for responding to the changing attitudes of its customers. But this is only the beginning. It should be noted that the discontinuation of aspartame use applies only to the Diet Pepsi product line. PepsiCo will continue to use aspartame as an artificial sweetener in other products such as Diet Mountain Dew.

Binge Drinking and Maintaining Sobriety

Everyone has that friend. You know, the one who always has a little too much of a good time at the club or bar. That friend may even be you. You’ve heard plenty of times from your parents to keep things safe, but how dangerous is binge drinking? Some studies show that recently women in particular may be on the rise for this life-threatening habit.

Drinking is classified on varying levels. You’re officially binge drinking if you indulge in 4 plus drinks for women or 5 or more for men in one night. Alcohol poisoning kills 6 people a day according to certain studies, the primary culprits being male. Alcohol kills when the levels in your bloodstream stop certain areas of the brain that control your breathing and other motor functions. So what are some simple ways to lower your drinking in one night?

For many people drinking is closely linked with social interaction. The more you see people around you drinking, the more you think that you need another one. There are a healthy variety of tips and tricks to help you keep you sobriety intact while out with your friend on the town.

The first and most obvious tip, Gianfrancesco Genoso insists (taken from his Linkedin blog), is to alternate your alcoholic drinks with water . Establish some kind of rule for yourself. For example, for every one drink you have drink one glass of water. Another tactic you can try is to order a drink that could pass as alcohol but doesn’t actually have any. Order a club soda or simply get a sprite and grenadine. Clear liquors are easy to imitate in appearance and can help you disguise the fact that you’re taking clever and safe precautions to ensure your personal safety.

Binge drinking can be fatal. By using these innovative tips and tricks you can still enjoy a night out while maintaining a certain level of sobriety.

Hardy Signing Not What Cowboys Were Hoping For

Earlier this off-season, in the kind of move only Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys could make, defensive lineman Greg Hardy was signed to a one-year contract despite the fact that a league suspensions was likely. Yesterday, after a thorough investigation, the league made good on the suspension – 10 full games – that stems from numerous domestic violence allegations. Avid fan Gianfrancesco Genoso thought the fact that the Cowboys signed Hardy prior to investigations was a risky and bad move (

The Cowboys claimed they looked at all the factors involved and covered their bases regarding Hardy. But considering that the league based the suspension on four separate instances in which force was used against his then girlfriend, it seems the chance the Cowboys took on Hardy was ill-founded. Taking into consideration that the contract they gave to Hardy had some leeway when it came to the number of games he would play in the 2015 season, the deal still seemed a bit hasty.

The 10-game suspension was a little more than the Cowboys bargained for, even though Hardy sat out 15 games last season for the Carolina Panthers while the abuse allegations were investigated. Considering the weight that the league is finally putting on domestic violence instances since the Ray Rice case, it seems that Jerry Jones and team management did not employ the same strict standards in their decision making that the NFL now does.

The Cowboys’ troubles on the defensive line may now continue till at least November.

Dallas Cowboys Receive 2015 Schedule

The Dallas Cowboys as well as the rest of the teams in the NFL received their official schedule for games for the 2015 season. As winner of the NFC East last year Dallas will play a tough scheduled which will include the other division winners from their conference. In addition the Cowboys will play the tough AFC East which includes the reigning Super Bowl Champions New England Patriots. The Cowboys also face the Miami Dolphins, the New York Jest as well as the Buffalo Bills from the same division.

The Cowboys will open the season against their NFC East rival the New York Giants in Dallas on September 13th. They play the Carolina Panthers as their traditional Thanksgiving Day game and they play their arch rivals the Washington Redskins twice within the last six weeks of the season. Cowboys Look Forward to 2015 NFL Season

The entire Dallas Cowboys organization is looking forward to the challenge of the upcoming season. The Cowboys fell one game short, and some may say one pass catch short of being in the Championship Game and heading to the Super Bowl last year. With great improvements to their defense and injured players returning, the Cowboys are expected to be a prime contender for the NFC crown this year and a serious top four team for the Super Bowl.
Diehard fan Ricardo Guimarães BMG plans on going to buy his tickets to the Cowboy’s games when they go on sale today and fans are already making their travel plans for their favorite away games.

San Diego McDonald’s Celebrates 4/20 with All Day Breakfast Menu

McDonald’s is beginning to toy with a concept people have been begging for. Starting on 4/20, the infamous cannabis holiday, patrons from San Diego will be able to enjoy breakfast at McDonald’s all day long.

Traditionally, breakfast crazed customers have been cut off from their delicious egg muffins and hash browns at 10:30 a.m. sharp. This is largely in part due to the difficulty in preparing all of the breakfast items alongside the lunch and dinner items. McDonald’s needs grill space to prepare almost everything on their menu.

Unfortunately, Fersen Lambranho feels it will not be a full breakfast menu. Only a select number of items will be available following the normal 10:30 a.m. cutoff. Items to be made available include classics like the egg McMuffin, sausage egg McMuffin, sausage burrito, sausage McMuffin, hotcakes, hash browns and oatmeal.

Items served on McGriddles and bagels will not be available, much to the chagrin of pancake sandwich enthusiasts. If you want two hot pancake buns with delicious items inserted in between you better arrive early.

McDonald’s has yet to comment on whether the change intentionally coincided with the famous stoner holiday. Any way you look at it, most people would agree that the move is pure genius.

Will Lyoto Machida Retire?

Lyoto Machida is the former UFC light heavyweight champion, and he has done several great things inside of the octagon. Sadly, his legendary career may soon be over. Machida was featured in the main event of UFC on FOX over this past weekend, but he suffered a crushing defeat against Luke Rockhold. This is Machida’s second loss in a row, and his future is beginning to look grim.

Five years ago, Lyoto Machida was the scariest man in the light heavyweight division, and he seemed unbeatable. However, Shogun Rua proved to be Lyoto Machida’s downfall. Shogun knocked Machida out, and he is the only man that has ever done that to Lyoto. Machida has since been submitted by Jon Jones and Luke Rockhold.

After his devastating losses in the light heavyweight division, Lyoto Machida decided to move down to middleweight. Kevin Seawright thought that was a good move. At first, he looked unstoppable as he ran through weaker competition. He was quickly given a title shot against middleweight champion Chris Weidman, and they fought in a five round war. However, Chris Weidman was given the decision, and Lyoto Machida was once again defeated.

Lyoto Machida is now 36-years old, and it seems that his career is almost over. He was one of the best in his time, but he should call it quits. No one wants to see Lyoto Machida take any more physical abuse. For more information on Machida’s future, visit Yahoo! Sports.

Tim Tebow Back in the NFL

Tim Tebow is finally back in the NFL and all I can say is about time. He has agreed to a deal with the Eagles as reported by ESPN. There is a lot of criticism of Tim because most people don’t think that he has the ability to play in the league. They think that his hands are too small or that he doesn’t have a good football IQ and many other ridiculous reason including attacking him for his faith. I think that this man deserves a chance to try again more than most second string quarterbacks who played last season. Tim didn’t play in the league last seasons because of all the criticism he has received. One of these teams was the Arizona Cardinals who lost two of their quarterbacks and desperately needed a replacement. Teams like this should have given


Tim a chance because he, unlike most other second string quarterbacks and some starting quarterbacks, has made it to the playoffs and he even has won a playoff game. Ricardo Tosto feels like he should get another shot based off this. Tim should have gotten more of a chance because of his wins in Denver not to mention his college championships and his Heisman award. Tim may not turn out to be a great quarterback nor may he even be good enough to be a starter but, he does deserve a chance to try again.