Top Six Ways Men Die

It’s laughable that many men will search for ‘women’ being among the top six ways men die, but women don’t make the list as men-killers. It’s not what others do to men that shortens their lifespan, but what men do to themselves that bring about untimely deaths.
* Smoking and being exposed to workplace pollutants cause serious respiratory problems primarily in men. COPD, pulmonary fibrosis and asthma shorten the male lifespan according to Ray Lane.
* Heart disease is the number one killer of both men and women. Heart disease kills one out of every four men. Smoking contributes to heart disease, so does a sedentary lifestyle.
* Cancer also causes men to die too early. Again smoking is often the catalyst behind the cancer.
* Strokes, caused from uncontrolled high blood pressure. Limit salt intake to help control blood pressure and live longer.
* Diabetes is a silent killer which doesn’t discriminate between the sexes. However, the disease does seem to favor men and hey are less likely to take care of themselves.
* Accidental injuries caused from attempting to be macho. Driving to fast and other reckless endeavors are often paid for with a man’s life.

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