Easier to Drink

It seems like with the increasing popularity with marijuana being legalized in the country, there are people who want to bring other drugs into the open. One of the ways that could be harmful is a new technique to get drunk. It’s called powdered alcohol, and it’s a way to get alcohol into a business without anyone knowing. It doesn’t come in a bottle, and it can be mixed with any beverage. This is perhaps the dumbest thing that has been approved. The powdered alcohol lis like any other powdered drink and has very little smell or flavor. According to Brad Reifler, the powder comes in a small package, and each one is comparable to a shot of alcohol. The powder would be easy to take into a school, a dance club or pretty much anywhere as long as you can have a bottled drink in the building. It’s a way for teens to drink without anyone knowing, and it’s a way to stay drunk if you use the mix all the time.

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