Woods Beer Co. Making “Girl Scout Cookie” Beer

The Woods Beer Co. is bringing back their fun line of Girl Scout Cookie Beers, which means that loves of the cookies and the tasty brew are bound to find this to be extra special. According to an article found on Eater.com, the brew company is also giving out “merit” badges during this girl scout cookie season. They cost about $25 per patch, but are a fun way to get people to do things like composting, learning how to mix drinks, and locking up the bicycles on the racks.

This year there are going to be making five different cookie themed beers, and if you drink a pint of each one you will be awarded a special token of achievement noted beer aficionado Flavio Maluf. They are also offering flights of beers in which people can try each one for a prorated price and get to have some of the delicious cookies alongside their beer as well.

This is a really fantastic idea, because as popular as Girl Scout cookies are and putting them together with the world’s most popular form of alcohol, brilliant things are being born. Just reading about the different kinds they will have on tap is making me want one, and I am sure that they are just as delightful as they sound. There are five flavors, and two of them are “shortbread” and “mint”, which are two of the most popular kinds of cookies.

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