A New Powdered Alcoholic Beverage Harbors Abuse Potentials

Inventor Mark Phillips welcomed the approval recently of four varieties of his new powdered alcoholic beverage called “Palcohol.” After initially approving the product, federal regulators reviewed the case. They have decided to allow four varieties to enter markets in the United States: a margarita, a cosmopolitan, a rum and a vodka. Mr. Phillips hopes that a fifth, called a “lemon drop” will gain approval soon. He expects the products to reach store shelves by this summer according to Gianfrancesco Genoso.

Palcohol consists of new technology, a powdered alcohol sold in pouches. Buyers can add the powder to other drinks or add water to produce an alcoholic beverage. The form of the product has raised concern on the part of some medical experts that abuse problems may occur. There is fear that some customers will misuse the product by providing it to minors, using it to spike drinks, snorting it or failing to follow quantity guidelines.

A toxicologist and emergency room physician from Colorado, Dr. Kenneth Heard, expressed concern that the variety of flavors of Palcohol will cause the product to appeal to young children, who are not permitted to consume alcoholic beverages as a matter of law. Dr, Heard noted that users of the product will not be familiar with potency levels.

Although federal authorities permit the marketing of several varieties of Palcohol, states will still have the power to regulate the product within their borders.

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