My Dog Loves A Hardy Helping Of Beneful

I have a great dog, and I wouldn’t trade him for anything in the world. When I come home from work, my dog greets me at the door, and he’ll even have the paper in his mouth when I come in. I treat my dog as well as he treats me, and this is why we get along so easily. I take my dog to the vet for regular visits, and I make sure that he’s healthy in every way. I will be honest, I do spoil my pet from time to time, and I will give him a steak, or some other juicy foods.

My vet said there is nothing wrong with a steak once in a while, and the truth is, I can only afford to do it once in a while. When you have a good pet like the one I have, you make sure to show your love for him. I tend to feed my pet store brand food, and I recently came across a great brand of food that my pet loves. I went grocery shopping one day, and after going down the pet aisle, I came across a food brand named Beneful. I don’t know what compelled me to buy it.

It could be the fact that the labeling on the front just stood out to me, but I thought my dog might like it. I decided to buy the dry dog food, and I brought it home, and put it in the closet. Only when my dog had finished the store brand food, did I finally open the Beneful. I noticed a difference in the way my dog ate, right away. Whenever I would go to the closet to get the Beneful, my pet would barely allow me to open up the door, because he was so anxious.

It’s obvious that my pet loved the food, so I decided that I would go back, and buy some wet versions of the food as well. My dog ate every bit of it, and I can’t tell if he likes the wet or the dry dog food better. He never gave such a great reaction with the store brand food, so I’ve decided to stick with the Beneful from now on. My dog loves the food, it’s affordable, and even my veterinarian recommends it. I would never go back to using the store brand, I’ll only feed my dog Beneful.

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