Brewers Are Running Out Of Funny Beer Names

Making beer has been one of those things that has popped up as a trend nationwide for especially the last five or six years. Although it is a good thing that so many people are inspired to create personable and funny names for their brews and companies it is starting to become a problem around the United States, because people are running out of creative names.

Every time a brewer makes a new beer and a style of beverage, he or she is required to register it and paten the trademark. But that has been harder and harder these days as because so many brewers are starting to overlap each other. According to an article written by, it can even cause a kink the road when people use names in different languages, because if it translates to something in English that is already being used then it is in violation.

Beer lovers like Paul Mathieson wonder: What will the future of beer brewing hold? Maybe people will have to start using randomized numbers and letters for each of their beers. Find more on Mathieson on Well, while it may never get that bad it has got to be frustrating for them to have a very limited pool of words they can use to describe their brew. Hopefully this trivial matter won’t discourage people from continuing to create and invent new beer flavors, styles, and breweries. American has truly become a much more exciting place with all the microbreweries that have popped up in recent times.

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