Breweries Running Out of Funny Names

Microbreweries are growing at a very fast rate in all parts of the country said a recent article. The craft brewing industry is expanding and many people and organizations are making a great deal of money in the industry noted Ricardo Guimar√£es BMG. But in all parts of the country, brewers and breweries are running into problems with finding new and unique names for their expanding beer lists. As names become a bigger issue, lawsuits have been served based on trademarks. A brewery in Fort Collins, Coloradohas to change its name after it was served legal papers from a brewery with the same name in Chicago, Illinois. The Colorado brewery will have to change its name in the next month, which will also lead to spending a great deal of money on changing all of its logos on signage and merchandise. With over three thousand microbreweries in our country, and over thirty thousand beers, the growing problem of naming them isn’t going to disappear anytime soon. Suggestions for naming beers and not stealing the name from someone else are pretty basic. The article suggests using a search engine to check and see if the name is already being used. It is also wise to use a popular beer rating site and to check and see if the name is already trademarked. One of the great things about all the different beers is the fact that so many of them have fun names.

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