“Superman Punch” Knocks Out Opponent

A “superman punch” is a move that requires a fighter to jump in the air and throw a straight punch. This past weekend, on the UFC Fight Night card, Matt Dwyer knocked his opponent out in the first round of the fight. The superman punch has been around for a while now, but Chuck Lidell is the man that made it famous.

Chuck “The Iceman” Lidell was one of the most dangerous stand up fighters in all of mixed martial arts. His striking arsenal was vast, and possessed a rare combination of reach and power. Matt Dwyer showed some similarities between himself and “The Iceman.” Dwyer was on the prelims of the UFC on Fight Card, but with this win he has made headlines.

Fans like Paul Mathieson know that Matt Dwyer received a $50,000 bonus for getting the knock out of the night award. Many people complain about the UFC’s pay structure, but they never mention the bonuses that are available to fighters. Matt Dwyer will be going home $50,000 richer. Where else do you have a chance to make an extra $50,000 in one night?

Matt Dwyer joins a select group of fighters. Not too many people have won a fight via “superman punch.” If you have seen the big knockout yet, visit Buzzfeed.

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