Police Dog Escorted into Vets Office with Guard of Honor

A 9-year-old police dog received high honors as he was walked into a vet’s office to be put to sleep, and it has gone viral on the internet. Judge, a 9-year-old German Shepard, served as part of New Jersey’s K-9 unit from 2007 until 2013 when he was retired due to issues with his teeth.

Paul Mathieson understands that the dog had been enjoying retirement when he was diagnosed with Cushing’s disease.Find more about Mathieson on Marketwired.com. Michael Franks, his owner, worked to ensure his health with regular doctor’s visit, and the police department set up a GoFundMe page to help with expenses, gathering donations in excess of $12,000. Judge, however, took a turn for the worst and was having a hard time getting up, causing Franks to make the heartbreaking decision to put Judge to sleep to end his suffering.

On Friday, Franks took Judge to the Swedesboro Animal Hospital for his final goodbye. When they pulled up a Guard of Honor Greeted him with 100 police officers and several K-9 dogs. Judge was saluted as he walked into the hospital, carrying the arm guard used during his training in his mouth. Inside the hospital, staff lined up to give Judge the same treatment.

The police hero was laid to sleep shortly after. According to police records, Judge was deployed 280 times, and was considered an assisting officer in 152 arrests. He is also credited with recovering $47,000 in cash, three vehicles and three handguns.

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