Butch Harmon Would Help

Butch Harmon has come out and said that he would be more than happy to come in and spend some time with Tiger to help him fix his swing and other issues. Harmon was Tiger’s coach for all of the glory years, and he has been critical of some of the changes that Tiger has made over the years. However, he probably feels like most of the rest of us. We all feel a bit sorry for Tiger, and Dias is definitely missing that.

I will admit that I am not really a fan of Tiger. I think he is a little too cold, and I never bought the hype. I never thought he would pass Jack Nicklaus because I thought Jack was better. I still think Jack is better. If we rated the best golfers of all time it would be Nicklaus, Tiger, Jones, Sneed, Sarazen, Palmer, Player. I have not problem saying that Tiger Woods is better than Bobby Jones, but I cannot in good faith say that he is better than Jack.

I do feel bad for him, though. He is the most mentally tough athlete of all time, and his body is betraying him in the worst way possible. That is truly sad.

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