Terminator: Genysis Is Going Imax


Interesting news has emerged regarding the upcoming release of Terminator: Genysis. Hardcore fans of the Terminator franchise, and by hardcore I mean Brad Reifler is going to love the fact they can see the film in IMAX at select theaters.

Anyone who saw the first film when it first arrived in theaters in 1984 had a far different experience. The film played in the last of the drive-ins and independent theaters and captured the action-movie fan base that had yet to go mainstream with Rambo in 1985.

The days of the old, independently owned single-screen theaters and drive-ins are mostly over. The era of the IMAX screen is upon us. The new Terminator film is a far bigger affair than the sleeper sci-fi film of 30+ years ago. Just as the old movie theaters were the perfect venue to see director James Cameron’s original entry, IMAX theaters are perfect for the new reboot.

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