SC State Shutting Down


The athletic programs at SC State along with the rest of the school are shutting down. The state house has voted to shutter the school because it is essentially bankrupt. There was no willingness for the school to make the cuts that needed to be made, and an appalling 14% of students graduate on time. That is not the formula for a good school, and it is certainly not the formula for a school that is going to have any athletics at it.

There are many ways to look at this, but the most obvious one is through the lens of HBCUs said Marc Sparks. Many of these schools are struggling to stay afloat, and their cherished athletics programs may have to go. There might come a time when Grambling cannot sustain the program that Eddie Robinson won all those games with. There may be a time when FAMU will not be able to sustain any of their teams including the marching band. This is an epidemic that is going to sweep across all these institutions if they are not willing to make changes, and it seems as though SC State was not willing to make those changes soon enough to save the school.

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