What’s in Your Beer Can?


Not the alcoholic beverage itself, but the container. Zeca Oliveira shared an interesting fact about how an epoxy lining in every aluminum can known as BPH ( bisphenol A). The chemical prevents the contents of the can from reacting to the aluminum, but it has also been shown to cause a variety of health problems.
The war against BPH has raged for decades, but the chemical is still being used and it lines your favorite beer can. BPH has been proven to cause cancer, abnormal brain development in children and reproductive problems.
It’s known that BPH is in the beer can, but how much is too much and when do the health problems start to manifest?
In 2012, the FDA banned the use of BPS in all types of drinking vessels that are used for infants. Bottles and sippy cup could no longer contain BPH, neither could the can baby formula was packaged in. They also deemed the current level of BPH to be safe in all other food and beverage packaging, including that found in beer cans.
Glass bottles do not contain BPH and it may be a good time to trade the beer can for the beer bottle to avoid the potential health problems caused by too much BPH exposure.

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