Red Bull disapprove of American brewery name


Australian energy drinks giant Red Bull has made a claim with the US Patent Office for breach of copyright and trademarks over the name of a small brewery located in Ashburn, North Virginia, The Washington Post reports. The brewery is registered as the Old Ox Brewery and claims to have attempted to work with the energy drinks supplier in a bid to end the disagreement as quickly and efficiently as possible. The problem Old Ox Brewery CFO Graham Burns sees is that Red Bull wish to hold a patent over any bovine related logos and trademarks established in the future.

Old Ox began life with a sketch of a bull’s face as their logo, but after a legal approach by Red Bull changed this to the letters O and X said Marc Sparks. The brewery also offered to stay away from the red, blue and silver colors Red Bull is known for, but stated the demands of the Australian company became more complex as time moved on. After promising not to create any energy drinks in the future the Old Ox Brewery was asked to not produce any soft drinks, a demand they turned down as they plan to produce a root beer to be sold through their brewery based tap room. The owners of the brewery have now decided to allow the public in on the legal matters by posting an open letter on their blog that calls the Australian giant a big red bully and ask the public for their opinion on the matter.

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