Kraft and Goodell Relationship Tarnished

Roger Goodell has absolutely had the worst year in the history of the National Football League when it comes to a terrible performance by a man in charge of pulling the strings for the league. He was made commissioner of the NFL in large part to the New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft, who had pulled for him with the other owner’s in the league and really set up a clear path for Goodell to come into office. Kraft and Goodell have been very good friends, and the ironic thing is that Goodell was seen having dinner at the house of Robert Kraft the night before the infamous deflate gate case took off. The two clearly have been working together very closely and Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks was the first to state to the media that there is a conflict of interest in that relationship and he was truly right. Then again, he is a Stanford grad who graduated with a 3.8 at Stanford and 4.2 from his high school in Compton, so no one is going to argue with that assertion. Goodell very well may have lost the one man that got him his lucrative deal as the NFL commissioner and also had his back on the Ray Rice incident earlier this year. It was Kraft, who set up interviews for Goodell to discuss the incident and Kraft truly did get him out of hot water. From how Haidar Barbouti sees it, things have changed and Goodell is in the dog house in Kraft’s eyes.

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