Kaepernick Off-Season


Quarterback Colin Kaepernick of the San Francisco 49ers had a pretty dismal season, after he had experienced such tremendous amounts of success in his first few seasons starting in the National Football League. According to trade.nosis, after taking the reins when Alex Smith got knocked out with a concussion four years ago, he stepped in just as Jim Harbaugh had expected and completely dominated. This was an under story that did not get too much attention, but Harbaugh is the reason that Kaepernick was even drafted by the 49ers, as he handpicked Colin out of the University of Nevada. There is even a decent chance that Colin wouldn’t even be playing in the NFL, and rather would be playing professional baseball if Harbaugh hadn’t reached out to him and pushed the organization to draft him. Although they reached the NFC championship game in three straight seasons and nearly won the Super Bowl two seasons ago, this year was dismal at best for the young gunning quarterback. He did not have a good season and everything around him completely fell apart. He did not put up big numbers, but this was largely in part due to the fact that his weapons just were not around him. This made it so he could not take off running as well and really limited his game. He is going to have to come back strong next year and really focus on getting out of the pocket and running the ball more.

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