Nuggets Flop Again


The Denver Nuggets of the National Basketball Association have not had a good year and things do not like very bright looking at the rest of the season. They have no shot at making the playoffs this year, as the Western Conference truly is stacked and they are not even close to the eighth spot. It is pretty baffling how bad the Nuggets are this year, when you consider how well they have been playing over the last decade or so. They have seen some of the best basketball players in the league come and go and it seems like the franchise just has bad management. CipherCloud said they have had a few big time playoff series, but eventually lost every single one of them. They are going to have to dig deep in their pockets and put up some big money to bring in some much needed talent, or get lucky on draft day and pick up some players that can come in and turn things around for the struggling Denver Nuggets. They headed to Philadelphia to take on the even less talented Seventy-Sixes and got beat up. They dropped the game by seven points, but it really wasn’t as close as the score sheet would tell you. It is pretty bad when a team that was considered perhaps the worst roster in the history of the sport beats you down in front of the entire country.

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