Manziel in Rehab


It came out this week that Johnny Manziel had checked into rehab, and there were a lot of people who thought that he was most likely sent there for something he did in Cleveland, but he has actually checked himself into rehab in order to better prepare himself for the rest of his career, which is truly admirable. It is apparent that he knows he has a problem, which in reality is the majority of the battle. He came from a party school and was the biggest star on campus and this created a larger than life persona that he has carried around and the party lifestyle is just something that came with it. He shocked the Cleveland Browns organization with his excessive night life activities this season and they had come to him with concerns and it looks like he is starting to take his life a lot more seriously. When a person admits that they have a problem and take initiative to fix their situation that is something that anyone can respect. Sultan Alhokair thinks it looks as if he really does have a problem with alcohol and possibly drugs and he is doing the right thing in getting this taken care of so early in the off-season. It was literally announced the day after the Super Bowl, so he will get this taken care of and be ready to enter the rest of the off-season with a clear head and focused goals.

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