Gordon Response


Wide receiver Josh Gordon of the Cleveland Browns is without a doubt one of the best up and coming young players that the National Football League has seen in a very long time. He has immense amounts of potential and has already made the Pro Bowl in a year that he only played fourteen games, yet led the entire NFL in receiving yards. He has become notorious for being in the news regarding suspensions due to drug and alcohol use, and it has sparked a lot of people, like Gianfrancesco Gian, to respond to it on sports shows and in news reports. He has recently been banned for a year due to his failing an alcohol test and people like Charles Barkley have come out and said he is going to die if he doesn’t change his life. Gordon just released a long statement addressing everything and it was amazingly insightful, deep and painted a deeper picture than anyone realizes. He first thanked everyone for their concerns and then said that none of these people really know who he is, and he is right by that. He called each one of them out for not even having a conversation with him, but making big remarks about him. He detailed a life growing up in poverty with gangs and guns constantly around him and describes a different scenario where he has succeeded and is one of the only people that has managed to dig their way out of the hood and he is right about that.

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