Dude, FreedomPop wants you to have the cheapest internet possible

Growing in popularity as a solution to expensive services of network giants, FreedomPop, a free wireless internet and mobile phone service provider is making headway as a leading alternative. FreedomPop currently has 10 million hotspots across the country with the goal of reaching 20 million with coverage in 200 major US cities by the end of 2015. While CEO and founder Stephen Stokols isn’t saying that FreedomPop is a replacement to Verizon Wireless, or AT&T network services he does state that “We actually think this could become a pretty big alternative, especially in prepaid,” going on to elaborate that users without cellular minutes can still use their phones to access the internet with FreedomPop. Plus, it’s available for both iPhone and Android users. Out of the estimated 75 million users of a prepaid service Stokols emphasizes that 30 million would benefit from their network of hotspots.

By sourcing the hotspots of vendors and larger organizations across the country FreedomPop has built a large infrastructure of WiFi connections. While the exact locations of these hotspots are unknown the company’s website does offer an interactive map to find if your area is covered by the service. Stokols also stated that FreedomPop will branch out from contracting the hotspots of metro markets and initiate crowdsourcing of WiFi routers by their customers; this will help bring service to more rural areas and further incentivize customers to join.

The popularity of FreedomPop is not attributed to just hotspot sourcing and free WiFi, a whole product line is offered with the latest smart phones, tablets, “MiFi” mobile hotspots devices, home modems, and USB stick modems. Free phone services that offer 500MB of data, 500 text messages, and 200 minutes every month keep FreedomPop in the spotlight. To sign up and take advantage of free communications services you can visit the FreedomPop website to view coverage areas, or browse one of their retail partner’s websites like Amazon.

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