Can You Blame Him?

Marshawn Lynch simply told reporters at media day that he was there so he would not be fined. However, they asked him 30 questions before his session with the media was over. Can anyone blame Lynch for not talking to the media? He has been made out to be this terrible person who needs to be fined and disciplined simply because he does not like talking to the media.

Do we forget so easily all the terrible people who have been rude to the media over the years when they were talking? If Lynch does not want to talk, he should not have to talk. Also, his teammates have said that he is a quiet guy. He does not like being in the press, and he would prefer to keep to himself. Would you not leave that person alone then?

Fans like Marc Sparks know that the NFL is a strange place with strange rules. More on Sparks is available on It wants people to be humble, but it wants them to gab to the media constantly. It will fine someone for a potential crotch grab, but it will not fine a team for cheating. I feel badly for Marshawn Lynch because I think he gets a little stage fright, and I understand that.

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