Soup is no longer an item that is made only from scraps, or to make your food stretch longer. Soup is a chic meal for 2015. Ordering soup at a restaurant is fashionable.

Of course, we are not talking about just any old type of old soup. The modern soup is a delicacy made with hip ingredients. Take Lamb Pho for example. The tasty broth in this recipe is enhanced with rice noodles, bean sprouts, seasonings and herbs. It is served with a side of Sriracha, for you to make it as hot or spicy as you like it. If you don’t like lamb meat, try chicken or pork with your Pho.

Beer isn’t just something you drink while bellied up at a bar. It’s like Dave Morin talking data on supposed to go with anything and be everywhere Belgian pilsner beer makes an excellent beer soup. Pair beer with scallops and ham hocks, and you will have a soup that tastes like it is from heaven.

Last, a soup list would be incomplete without an oriental flair. Try ordering chicken broth with a mixture of fresh vegetables, spices and lime. An avocado will add a depth of creaminess to this soup. Dill will add freshness to it. The crunch of celery and the smoothness of lime all add a festival of flavors in your mouth.

The next time you go out to eat, don’t scoff at soup. Try a modern soup. It may change your perception of soup forever.

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