Chicago Ball Boy

With the media circus that has absolutely exploded since the New England Patriots were caught allegedly playing with deflated footballs in an attempt to gain an advantage over the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC championship game, everyone is trying to point fingers and no one can really get to the bottom of the situation. There is heavy speculation around the country that the Patriots are to blame and are cheaters, no matter what, stemming from the Spy gate incident that occurred in 2007 in which the Patriots were caught videotaping defensive signals made by the New York Jets. They simply have a terrible reputation and a huge percentage of the population wants to throw the book at them before an investigation has even taken place. Belichick claims that he knew nothing about it and pointed the finger over at Tom Brady. Tom Brady held a press conference and looked to be holding back laughter when he stated that he had no idea the balls were not inflated fully, but he appeared to be lying to everyone that watched it. The attention around the country is now  shifting to the ball boys that were on the sidelines says Haidar Barbouti. A former ball boy of the Chicago Bears has come forward and stated that the refs rarely checked the pressure of the footballs prior to the game according to He said they would simply feel the balls with their hands and then approve them and he said they never once had a ball rejected.


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