Allenby Abduction Story Contradicted

When Robert Allenby missed the cut and did not finish at the Sony Open, he told an amazing tale. He was kidnappedand his phone and wallet were stolen. Someone beat him up and dumped him in a park. The story was so fantastical that you had to feel bad for him.

However, a witness has come along to say that Allenby was sloppy drunk outside the strip club where he said he got abducted. He fell to the ground, and a gentleman came over to help him. It took several minutes for this man to get Allenby to his feet, and then Allenby noticed that his phone and wallet were gone.

This means that he had hit his head on the pavement, and he lost his phone and wallet at some point. If this is the case, he just needs to tell the police what happened and let it go. It might be embarrassing that he got himself into this situation, but he was able to come back from it. Haidar Barbouti is glad he is not dead, and he will take a little bit of ribbing in the clubhouse. Otherwise, he needs to fess up and let thing go away before it gets out of hand.

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