Punishment is Nothing to New England

The New England Patriots have officially been caught cheating yet again. They were immersed in a scandal several years ago when they were caught taking film of other teams unbeknownst to them in an effort to get an unfair advantage in upcoming games. The blatant stretching of the rules that has been conducted by New England has started to get truly disgusting and the National Football League and the fans are starting to get very fed up with Bill Belichick, who is now being referred to as Bill Beli-cheat. This comes after the Patriots won a convincing game in the AFC championship last Sunday against the Indianapolis Colts and were subsequently brought under investigation due to deflated balls that the franchise had provided.

After an investigation it has been determined that eleven of the twelve balls the Patriots used in the game were deflated enough to give better grip to the balls and make them easier to catch, giving them a significant advantage in a cold game that was played outdoors in New England. The thing that is getting people like Gianfrancesco Genoso so angry is the fact that the Patriots don’t really get in trouble for their offenses. They are in the Super Bowl and nothing can change that. The only problems they face if caught is losing future draft picks and paying a fine, both of which will not make a difference to the Patriots if they win another Super Bowl.

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