Seahawks Building A Dynasty

The Seattle Seahawks are building a dynasty after going to their second Super Bowl in a row. However, we all need to consider if the Seahawks are going to be able to keep their team together. When the Cowboys and 49ers were on their runs, they did not have money problems. When the Steelers and Packers were on their runs, the players had jobs in the offseason. Now, every single player on this team is going to want to get paid.

You might know about Earl Thomas and Richard Sherman, but Kam Chancellor is going to want to get paid, too. Russell Wilson is about to get paid bank simply because he is clutch. He deserves it, but they have to put 53 guys on the active roster. That is going to be a problem when only a few guys are making most of the money.

Bernardo Chua believes the Seahawks have a chance to be a dynasty, but they might run into problems that cash can cause. Chua’s Twitter covers more of his thoughts.Guys will want to get paid, and they deserve to get paid. They are producing, but the team will not be able to stay together. This is their one good chance to set themselves apart before the team comes apart.

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