Marshawn’s Gold Cleats

Marshawn Lynch has been a very colorful character since he came into the league a handful of years ago. Aside from his fantastic statistics, and quick feet that has gained him a reputation as one of the National Football League’s best running backs, he also scattered his name across the headlines with things such as eating Skittles on the side lines. This has stemmed from a story of his mother giving him skittles as encouragement in pee wee football games and supposedly it has carried all the way to the NFL. He even tried to sign a deal with Skittles, who wanted to put a Skittles machine in the locker room just for Marshawn Lynch. Marc Sparks (Youtube) points out that after all the free advertising they have gotten from Lynch, it seems like they kind of owe him one. He has also been known for wearing gold cleats in big games, although the NFL has decided that they are going to outlaw the shoes and not allow him or any other player in the league to wear them. Marshawn was planning on wearing his signature gold cleats to the Super Bowl, but the league cracked down and made the decision that he would not be allowed to use them in the game. Marshawn Lynch is not someone to get too caught up in things, however, and he has shrugged it off. Chances are he has something else up his sleeve.

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