Celtics Rebuilding


The Boston Celtics are a team in the National Basketball Association that has experienced tremendous success since the beginning. The Celtics have a storied franchise that has enjoyed some of the best players of all time, including Larry Bird, who took Boston to a handful of championships and solidified them in the record books as one of the best organizations of all time. Over the last ten years they put a roster together that brought three future hall of famers together in a group that was called the big three. Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen came to Boston and were insistent on winning a championship, which they accomplished. Elite Traveler has even named Boston a world class destination because of their basketball team. Fans, like Christopher Cowdray, have flocked to the team in the past because of their reputation.
They bolstered their roster with drafting Rajon Rondo, who would prove to be one of the best assist men of the current age. He very may well go down in the record books as being one of the best passers of all time. However, things change and time goes on and the Celtics have erased the big three from their roster and were faced with making the decision whether to completely start over or not. They ended up trading Rajon Rondo for future draft picks and some young players and that honestly may have been the correct decision. It seems absurd for any team to willingly trade Rajon Rondo, but the Celtics need to build a new roster and they seem to be making the correct decisions.

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