Panthers Allow Less Than 100 Yards To Arizona


The Cardinals were down to their fourth strong quarterback, and they were not at all prepared to make sure that they could compete with the Panthers. The Panthers defense allowed the Cardinals less than 100 yards of offense, and they were able to move on to the second round of the playoffs with a 27-16 win.

The Panthers defense is on fire this year, and BRL Trust notes that it is possible that this defense will be able to lead the Panthers to the Super Bowl. When the hot team gets into the playoffs and starts to play well, they are able to make their way through teams that they should not be able to beat. Even though the Panthers are 7-8-1, they are clearly playing some of the best football in the league.

Also, the Panthers are more than able to protect Cam Newton. He was in a major car accident, he has broken vetebrae and he has been able to make his team win over and over. They are riding the longest winning streak in the league, they seem like they are able to make that winning streak last for three more games into the Super Bowl this year with the best defense in football.

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