A&M Cans Assistant Who Hit West Virginia Players

A student assistant who was once on the A&M team was hitting West Virginia players as they came off the sideline on plays during their bowl game. This assistant was caught on video throwing multiple punches at these players, and A&M let him go yesterday. This was a necessary measure for Kevin Sumlin as he tries to recover from his worst season as head coach at A&M. The team did not perform up to expectations, and they were not able to cash in on the buzz they got from Johnny Manziel. Also, the team has shown that it has a hard time keeping itself under control when it is off the field.

Lawyer Sam Tabar comments that these off the field problems came on the field, and they involved someone who was on the coaching staff. The problems at A&M seem to go deeper than people making bad decisions. The team looks like it had a complete lack of self control, and this is something that Sumlin will have to address if he wants to have a good season next year or even keep his job. No one should be throwing punches in a football game, and those punches should never come from someone who is standing on the sidelines.

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