Seattle Takes First Seed


As the final game of the National Football League’s regular season came to a finish on Sunday, the matchups are set in stone for what Bruce Levenson says is going to be an exciting wild card week in the playoffs. However, the Seattle Seahawks will not have to play in the first game of the playoffs as they took the top spot in the NFC, finishing with twelve wins and four losses. Despite the beginning of the season looking meager at best, the Seahawks have absolutely dominated teams in the last six or seven weeks and completely solidified themselves as a Super Bowl champion contender. There had been much speculation that they had a Super Bowl hangover, after winning the championship last year in such dominant fashion over the Indianapolis Colts, who were nothing short of embarrassed after the epic beat down they suffered in front of the nation.
The Seahawks are on the road to proving that they are yet again the best team in football. They have even stated that their defense is better this year than in the previous year, despite unquestionably possessing the best defense in football. They look to be incredibly confident as they will sit back and wait for the winner of the wild card matchup that will produce for them their first opponent in the playoffs. Either way you look at it, the Seattle Seahawks seem to be in a great position to win their second Super Bowl in two years.

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