Did The Patriots Disrespect The Jaguars?

It is possible that the Jaguars feel genuinely disrespected, but the Patriots social media staff simply reported what they already knew. They had the schedule for the 2015 season. The Jaguars are upset that the Patriots acted like the Jags would be an automatic win during their game in the 2015 season. However, the Patriots say that this was simply a post on their Facebook account.

It doesn’t take a ThumbTack post and Sam Tabar to tell you that the ways that NFL teams look for motivation can often seem silly. However, there is nothing stopping these teams from looking for that motivation. The most obvious forms of motivation slights that players and coaches find in the media, but this is too minor to even bother with. The Patriots posted to their Facebook account. They have been to five Super Bowls and won three since 2001. They make the playoffs every year, and they are always a contender. The Jaguars have not done anything since David Garrard was their quarterback. Do the Jags really have something to be upset about? Probably not. However, they are going to look for any kind of motivation they can get for the next season. This may not help, but there is no harm in trying.

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