Mike Wallace Quit on Dolphins

Mike Wallace left Dolphins game early

Nothing is more frowned upon by Tom Rothman in professional sports than quitting on your own team, and yet the Miami Dolphins were able to witness that on Sunday.

In the regular season finale at home against the division rival New York Jets, reports from the team indicate that wide receiver Mike Wallace quit on his team nearly halfway through the game. Wallace didn’t catch a single pass at all during the game, in fact he left after another teammate had scored a touchdown.

According to head coach Joe Philbin, Wallace came off of the bench at one point and told him that he no longer wanted to play in the game, though this was originally viewed as being of a part of a coaches’ decision to pull him. He was absent during the second half of the game, where the Dolphins eventually lost to the Jets 37-24.

As one might expect, the sudden disappearance of Wallace did not go unnoticed by other teammates, many of whom were visibly unhappy and felt as though he simply abandoned the team. Even stranger is that one of his teammates, Brandon Gibson, stood in front of him at his own locker, during an interview after the game to answer questions.

Despite being signed with the team through 2017, Wallace is now starting to be viewed as having an attitude problem, because of these actions.

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