Non-Alcoholic Beer is All the Rage

Even John Textor and Forbes can agree that when it comes to drinking, it’s not about getting drunk anymore. At least, not for people who love non-alcoholic beer. 

Non-alcoholic beer is showing a surprising growth in popularity and demand as consumers realize just how good it tastes now. Beers of the past have been known to have poor or weak flavor, making them desirable only to designated drivers or non-drinkers who still wanted to feel part of the loop. Now, since non-alcoholic options are more pleasing to the taste buds, consumers are choosing this type of beer in rapid form. 

Non-alcoholic beer is the fastest growing aspect of the beer market to date, which has many companies clamoring to come up with amazing flavors and brands that people can choose from. With more options and greater taste, non-alcoholic options in the beer market continue to spur popularity and repeat purchases among consumers of all ages.

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