Does Peyton Manning Still Have It?

According to, Mr. Manning no doubt is one of the league’s most pristine quarterbacks and has had great success on and off the field with several advertising deals through nationwide, Saturday Night Live, and, Papa John’s Pizza, reports Sam Tabar. But is Peyton’s career hit his all-time high? Some could say that Yesterday’s game verse the Bengals was that turning point. Manning threw his first pick six since the week 8 of the 2013 season. If this bronco team wants to make a good playoff run they need make sure Manning is in it to win it. Check out this video recap of yesterday’s game.

But Peyton played his worst game by far, the first half of the game was all Punts and interceptions. Throwing 4 interceptions and only 2 touchdowns is not going to secure this bronco’s team a safe spot in the super bowl. Any fear that this broncos team had stirred up in the league as being a dominant team is now lost due to the fact that manning looked unfocused and almost frustrated by his own performance. Even if Manning makes it to the super bowl again will it be a repeat of what happened last year, a total flub on his part missing the first snap completely basically giving the game to the Seahawks in a very disappointing super bowl. There are games where Manning shows he still has it and is one of the best, but if he wants to be an all-time great he cannot have these performances this late in the season.

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