Cuban Rum Within the Scope of America

Those who are fans of fine Cuban liquors have some good news on the horizon, as it looks like tensions between the United States and Cuba are loosening quickly.

Today marks a historic diplomatic agreement between the United States of America and Cuba. The Obama leadership has reconnected social ties with Cuba. Today, December 17th 2014 the leaders signed an agreement to improve travelling and banking opportunities for Americans.

According to the Wall Street Journal certain measures have been agreed upon that Americans can return to the US with a purchase of $400.00 value in Cuban goods. This change made by both countries, shows that relationships are being mended for the better. Additionally, better opportunities have opened and who knows what this new change will bring.

For those adventurous American tourists who like to drink, you can now legally enjoy a touch of class from Cuban Rum and even Cuban cigars. Due to the new agreement travelers are now allowed to bring back some Cuban alcohol, however it is not available for resell. This opportunity is not yet possible for every American family Lee G. Lovett had said.

Travelling to Cuba is still limited to the Cuban-American families. Americans should not take this law lightly, bringing back Cuban goods with the intent to sell could have some serious consequences. Thanks to the Obama administration social ties are being mended and the tourism level with Cuba is about to escalate.

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