Jabari Parker’s Season Ends with a Torn ACL

Last season, the Milwaukee Bucks were able to win a grand total of 15 games. As may be expected, this gave the team an excellent position in the draft, and they used that position to select Jabari Parker, a college standout who most people think will be a star in the NBA. Though Parker has not been a focal point of the team’s offense, he has been productive, and the Bucks already have 13 wins in roughly a month of play. They are going to put up a far better record than they did last year, marking quite a turnaround as Brad Reifler expected..

While that is reason for fans to be excited, there has also been bad news out of the team’s locker room: Parker’s year appears to be over. He injured his knee while playing, visibly hurting himself as the knee twisted. Before the diagnosis was given, people thought optimistically that he may have sprained it, but the MRI results are now in, and it is clear that he actually tore his ACL.

The goal for Parker now has to be getting back to full health for next season. This is a difficult injury for a player like him to sustain. Any time that he cuts or jumps, he’s putting a lot of pressure on that knee. He needs to make sure that he is really at full strength before coming back so that he does not injure it again.

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