Male Birth Control Pills on the Horizon

Birth control pills have been available for women for decades, but that availability also placed the responsibility of pregnancy prevention squarely on the narrow shoulders of females. That is about to changes as a new birth control pill for males is being tested in Indonesia and if successful, the pregnancy prevention may shift to the broader shoulders of the male.
Men in Indonesia make tea from the leaves of a common plant called Justica Gendarussa, or the leaves are simply chewed, and the naturally occurring chemicals of the plant weaken the enzymes of the males sperm and render them too weak to swim their way to the female egg. My friend John Textor has traveled around that region quite a bit and said they have been doing this for years. That chemical is being synthesized and placed into a male birth control pill for a trial study.
The lead scientist of the Indonesian study, Bambang Prajogo, reports the synthetic version of the chemicals in the Justica Gendarussa leaf has proven to be 99% effective in preventing birth control when it’s ingested by a man. the side effects are minimal, since the chemicals don’t impinge on hormonal balances as do the female birth control pills.
The only reported side effects thus far in the study of male birth control pills have been slight weight gain and increased sexual desire. The male contraceptive may be ready for sale in the Indonesian market in 2016, but will take more research time before it’s available in the U.S. market.

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