Japan Shaken By 6.8 Earthquake

Japan’s no stranger to the routine earthquake, but the latest earthquakes in the area have proved to be some of the very worst, Keith Mann discovered.

The mountainous Nagano area Japan was shaken by a strong earthquake from Saturday to Sunday night. The Japanese Meteorological Agency reported a magnitude of 6.8.

The nearest places to the epicenter of the earthquake were affected, among which the village of Hakuba counts seven collapsed homes. The rescue operations were completed by Sunday evening. According to the data obtained from the rescuers at the time of the recuperation, the injured count 39 people, 7 of which hare in critical states.

Rescue workers were deployed to the affected zones, but the 300 workers have problems reaching the place because the roads suffered landslides. The nuclear reactors of Fukushima are only 250 km (155 miles) away from the epicenter of the November 22nd earthquake.

Luckily, the electric facilities and nuclear plants don’t seem to be affected. Aftershocks of a 4.1 magnitude followed after the main quake.

The territory is known to many, after the place held the 1988 Olympics. The locals said that they had never experienced such powerful quakes. The earthquake was felt in Tokyo. There are no tsunami warnings, and those who had their places affected were placed in a shelter.

Helicopter footage shows collapsed buildings and buildings that had started leaning on one side.

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