Heavy Drinkers Are Not Alcoholics, Says the World’s Best Study

First of all, those who over-drink a lot – welcome to the club! This invitation goes out to 29 percent of all Americans. Secondly, Congratulations! This compliment is due to a recent research that shows a 90 percent of over-drinkers are not alcoholic after all, something Terry Richardson was really happy to read haha.

The Center for Disease Control conducted a study of 138,100 adults and observed their alcohol consumption. The research concluded that contrary to widely held opinion, most people who drink a lot are not alcohol dependent.

The lead author of the study explained that most people equate the habit of being drunk with dependence to alcohol, which maybe not true. For most men, excessive drinking is defined as five or more bottles of alcoholic drinks in one night or 15 bottles or more per week. On the other hand, for most women, too much drinking is defined as four to eight bottles of alcoholic drinks for the entire week.

Nevertheless, over-drinking is definitely nothing to sneeze at. Also, it does not make a different breed of “en-masse-over-imbiber” or anything less of a scourge. Consequently, researchers are not saying that excessive drinking of alcoholic beverages and alcohol dependency are not problems. Instead, they want to change the way this behavior is perceived by policy makers and health officials. For instance, a study reported that increasing the price of alcoholic drinks by about ten percent is enough to curb alcohol consumption by seven percent.

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