Most Heavy Drinkers Not Alcoholics, Study Says

Yes, you read that right; many of those who drink heavily are NOT alcoholics. This comes from a article posted on the blog of the New York Times. In a survey done by over 135,000 adult drinkers, it has suggested that those who drink to get super drunk are not addicted to alcohol.

The results of this study come from the National Survey of Drug Use and Health. It then goes on to say that those who drink and end up “fall down drunk”, just need some prompting to stop drinking so much. Keith Mann has seen some of his friends in that state. In addition, these survey takers are also not considered alcoholics, just people who like to have a little fun every once in a while.

Doctor Robert Brewer, a doctor for the alcohol program at the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention, had this to say about the survey.

“Many people tend to equate excessive drinking with alcohol dependence,” the Doctor said, adding; “We need to think about other strategies to address these people who are drinking too much but who are not addicted to alcohol.”

If this is true, this could be a big help for many who drink a little too much, and for those who have an addiction to alcohol.

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