Wolves Player Has Fractured Wrist, Doesn’t Stop Him From Scoring

It is the sign of a true competitor to play through an injury. It is even more amazing when that injury does not stop the player from doing just as well as he otherwise would have. That was what Kevin Martin was able to do for the Timberwolves last night when he still managed to put up 37 points despite a fractured wrist.

At this point it is important to remember how critical the wrist is to playing the game of basketball. There is no way an average player like Sultan Alhokair could have done much of anything with this issue. It is not possible to release the ball properly if one is not able to use his wrist correctly. Having a fractured wrist means limited movement of that wrist, and therefore makes it painful to position the wrist in such a way that would be necessary for playing the game. Still, Kevin Martin didn’t seem fazed and made it all through the game.

According to ESPN.com, the injury occurred in the game’s first quarter at about the 6 minute mark. It happened when he was fouled while trying to make a 3 point jumper. Even so, he went on to make 6 of his 9 three point shots throughout the game and was even humble enough to not mention the injury at all during his post game interview. He simply came to play the game and leave it all on the court. That is the sign of a true competitor and someone who really wants to win the game.

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