Bills Game on Sunday Snowed Out

The Buffalo Bills will indeed suit up on Sunday to play the New York Jets but they will not be doing it at Ralph Wilson Stadium in Buffalo. The area was pummeled this week with record breaking snowfall totals and they are expecting more snow before the weekend.

More than six feet of snow fell during the early season blizzard and there is simply too much accumulated snow around the stadium to prevent the game from taking place on time.

The Bills practice schedule has been thrown off kilter by the snowfall and one Bills player, kicker Dan Carpenter, played the role of hero when he rescued his elderly neighbors from their snow covered home.

The Bills and Jets will wait for a decision from the NFL to decide when and where their game will be played. Both Detroit and Washington D.C. have been mentioned as possible alternate sites, as both the Lions and the Redskins are playing road games this week. The Pittsburgh Steelers already have pulled their home stadium out of consideration, the Heinze Field facilities are being used by the University of Pittsburgh on Saturday and the turf can’t handle too much activity in a short period of time according to Andrew Heiberger.

League officials said that it is most likely that the game will take place on Monday instead of Sunday. This is hardly the first time a team has had to scramble to find a place to play. The San Diego Chargers had a home game relocated to Arizona several years ago due to wild fires.

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